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TWE believes that to meet the needs of today’s most elite organizations, IT departments need to use the best of DevOps, commercial and open tools, change management, and a constant commitment to learning. Our job is to make our client’s successful by enabling their technical personnel to be IT Heroes. TWE has a mission to find and master the best tools for security and infrastructure management, and when needed, build it ourselves. On this page you will find our common commercially available tools as well as an explanation of the services we provide to our clients who need custom development.

TWE engineers have worked with various monitoring and configuration management tools over the last 20 years. Despite trying countless tools, we discovered that we just couldn’t find easy to use tools that covered our needs and remained extensible for when new needs arise. We decided to build a tool that could solve this problem when managing servers, containers, and workstations.  We built Bacon; a control surface and feature enhancer for Salt. With this tool our clients can:

  1. Control patching on Windows, Mac, and Linux at a massive scale
  2. Mass deploy or uninstall software on all three platforms
  3. Review hardware and software Inventory on all three platforms
  4. Remotely execute scripts on all three platforms with many default scripts built it
  5. Monitor the health and uptime of all systems
  6. Monitor software services availability
  7. View all systems from multiple NOC views
  8. Search for any system by any attribute
  9. Review all jobs for success and failure
  10. Allow access based on AD with RBAC and 2FA options

A single server can scale to manage tens of thousands machines and can live inside your environment so you are not beholden to a cloud provider. Deployment and training takes less than a single day for most, so its easy to get up and working quickly. No has ever said that about SCCM!

Bacon is easy to demo, easy to use, and easy to afford.

Bean Counter is the easiest way for everyone in your organization from IT administrators, to accounting, to the C-level to quickly understand your Azure cost, usage, and value.

Save time analyzing your complicated Azure bill, justify and understand the costs for your services, and get IT projects moving faster with Bean Counter.

Bean Counter is a no-cost solution when you use TWE Solutions as your Azure Cloud Service Provider.

TWE has completed various projects for clients who needed something unique to assist them in gaining a competitive edge. From customer facing media management platforms, to online resource calculation tools for engineering firms, TWE has built highly effective tools using the languages today such as GO, Python, HTML5, CSS, Javascript and more.  If you have an idea for a software project and are unsure how to get it done, contact us and we can consult on how to get there.